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Cecilia Mörtzell Johansson

Beskrivning Freelancing Propmaker-graduate from Lappland. I graduated from Luleå University of Technology with a degree in prop and set design for media production and Theatre.(2012-2014)Experienced in model building, prop making, set design and set painting for exhibitions and theatre. Time-efficient and versatile are two things I stand for. Time is something that I hold strongly to, I am careful to keep the times as well as to take advantage of the time I am given.

Kategorier Statist
Scenograf assistent
Prop builder
Mobiltelefon+46 73 819 02 62
KörkortAM, B, Terrängfordon
SpråkSwedish, English
MjukvarukunskaparPhotoshop, Word, Excel.
UtrustningSculpting tools, different kinds of pliers and pincers.Basic tools for creation, processing and surface treatment to both props and set design.



PositionLuleå, Porsön
KategoriModel building
Produktion år2014-06-24
ProduktionsföretagTekninkens Hus

Hjärtats Nycklar

PositionLuleå, Persön
KategoriProps and set design
Produktion år2014-08-10
ProduktionsföretagFirma Antero Koskitalo

Kartor och klot

PositionLuleå, Persön
KategoriModel building
Produktion år2014-08-10
ProduktionsföretagFirma Antero Koskitalo & Maritima


PositionLuleå, Porsön
KategoriModel building, set design
Produktion år2014-10-22
ProduktionsföretagTeknikens Hus & Facebook

Cold stuff Hot poles, Restaurering

PositionLuleå, Porsön
Produktion år2015-02-13
ProduktionsföretagTeknikens Hus