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27 Sekundmeter Snö

27 Sekundmeter Snö
Titel27 Sekundmeter Snö
Produktions år2006
RegissörTobias Falk
FotografPär M. Ekberg
ProducentLars Blomgren

Kort synopsis

In 1939 ten people on an outing are caught in a mountain cabin during a snow storm together with the cabin’s hostess. The first night one of them is killed, and it can not have been someone from the outside so the killer must be someone in the cabin…


Jacob Ericksson, Anders Ahlbom, Mylaine Hedreul, Ulricha Johnson, Niklas Falk, Elisabeth Carlsson, Malena Engström, Jamil Drissi, Jan Mybrand, Gunilla Abrahamsson, Livia Millhagen
ProduktionsbolagFilmlance International AB
SamproducentPer-Erik Svensson
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord AB
KommunerBoden, Kiruna

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