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Babas Bilar

Babas Bilar
TitelBabas Bilar
Engelsk titelBabas Cars
Produktions år2005
RegissörRafael Edholm
ManusförfattareRafael Edholm, Björn Olofsson
FotografGeir Hartly Andreassen
ProducentH.P. Lundh

Kort synopsis

This action-comedy is a headlong journey by scooter, car and other vehicles through the Lappish Mountains. Jojo and Anso love each other: But their love is put to the test when Jojo uses their joint housekeeping money to buy an accessory for his Cadillac. To repay the loan he is forced to work for his granddad Baba and his shady business. One of Jojo’s first assignments is to pick up a car sold by Russian Eleena. What Jojo does not know, is that Eleena isn’t the owner of the car, it belongs to her husband Ivan, a Russian gangster. What seemed to be a simple car deal will interfere gravely with Jojo’s life.


Andreas Wilson, Sara Sommerfeld, Hassan Brijany, Georgi Staykov, Jarmo Mäkinen, Peter Franzén, Göran Forsmark, Joakim Andersson
ProduktionsbolagNordisk Filmproduktion
LinjeproducentDaniella Prah
SamproducentKim Magnusson, executive producer
Per-Erik Svensson, co-producer
Bo Thörnwall, co-producer
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord AB, Kanal 5
DistributörSony Pictures

Lokalt team

Arctic Safaris/Fjällguiden AB Location scout, prod leader
Lena Winther Kostymassistent