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Bondlurken och Thailändskan

Bondlurken och Thailändskan
TitelBondlurken och Thailändskan
Engelsk titelLooking for Joy
Produktions år2012
RegissörLars Persson
ManusförfattareLars Persson
FotografTorulf Öhman

Kort synopsis

Leif-Göran is a lonely farmer living in a small village in northern Sweden. He is afraid of being alone – and he has met a woman on thaiwife. Her name is Joy, and she is from Thailand. The atmosphere is tense, and the communication between them is not easy, as they do not understand each other. A film filled with culture clashes and firewood.


Rolf Degerlund, Nat Ung Koram
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord, Filmgården, Improviserat