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Edderkoppen Bakeri

Edderkoppen Bakeri
TitelEdderkoppen Bakeri
Engelsk titelThe Little Spider Bakery
Produktions år2007
RegissörTerje A. Nymark
ManusförfattareTerje A. Nymark
FotografDaniel Voldheim
ProducentJoachim Lyng

Kort synopsis

This is a short story about a Bakeri and the tagline is “Our Passion, your portion”.Olsen, the proprietor of a small french bakery, relies on his wifes passion in the backroom to sell his popular french bread. Cynically measuring the success he has with his business through cash alone, Olsen’s shop runs into trouble when the wife’s assistant tires of the conditions he is working under. His wife’s vanity drives her to prove that she can handle the assistant, but she ends up killing him instead. The couple quickly go about searching for a new assitant in order to get that all important sensuality into the baking again, like they’ve done so many times before.


Bjørn Sundquist, Lena B Eriksson, Andreas Wilson, Oscar Skagerberg
ProduktionsbolagSweet Films
SamproducentSiren Peensaar-Miell, Susanne Karlsson, Axel Söderlund
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord