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Produktions år2003
RegissörNiklas Rådström
ManusförfattareNiklas Rådström
FotografPeter Mokrosinski
ProducentMalte Forsell, Frida Asp

Kort synopsis

A man tells his wife about a dream he had last night. He dreamt that he was in Paris in the 1920’s, but all he could think about was that the Eiffel Tower was missing. His wife does not understand however, she has never heard about this “Eiffel Tower”. When he draws it for her she finally recognizes it – as the Kipling Tower of London!


Pernilla August, Stellan Skarsgård, Anna Azcarate, Mikael Odhag
ProduktionsbolagSkägga Film AB
SamproducentJonas Frederiksen, Christian Fredrik Martin
SamproduktionsbolagGiraff Film AB, SVT AB, Matsmotel AB, Zentropa Entertainment s3 Ap5, Friland A/S
DistributörFilmpool Nord

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Lena Winther Kostymör