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Evigt Unga

Evigt Unga
TitelEvigt Unga
Engelsk titelForever Young
Produktions år2011
RegissörAnnika Appelin
ManusförfattareAino Trosell
FotografCharlotta Bruus
ProducentMagdalena Jangard

Kort synopsis

Forever Young could be like any other love story about a woman who meets a man. But Ethel is an unexceptional pensioner who has always been married to Roland and who lovingly puts up drawings by her grandchildren around the home. Out for a walk one day she suffers a fall and cannot get up. Suddenly, a man she doesn’t know is standing over her


Ulla Lyttkens, Håkan Rudehill
ProduktionsbolagCiemacho AB
SamproducentSirel Peensaar
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord and support from Swedish Film Institute (SFI)

Lokalt team

Lena Winther Kostymör
Sami Suonperä Videoassistent