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Engelsk titelFlicker
Produktions år2010
RegissörPatrik Eklund
ManusförfattarePatrik Eklund
FotografDavid Grehn
ProducentJan Blomgren, Mathias Fjellström

Kort synopsis

There’s something going on in the small town of Gumby. The town’s proud telecom company Unicom is just about to launch a new modern profile when they discover that there’s something lurking in the outskirts of Gumby. An accident triggers a power failure, which leads to a chain of events, mishaps and love stories. Flicker is a warm comic story about people trying to find their place within the modern society.


Kjell Bergqvist, Allan Svensson, Olle Sarri,
Jacob Nordenson, Anki Larsson, Annika Hallin,
Lotti Törnros, Jimmy Lindström, Ronny Eriksson
ProduktionsbolagBOB Film
SamproducentPer-Erik Svensson, Gunnar Carlsson, Lone Korslund, Tor Ökvist, Turid Øversveen
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord, Nordisk Film Production Sverige,
Sveriges Television (SVT), Nordisk Film Post Production AB,
Svenska Filminstitutet (SFI), Norsk Filminstitutt
DistributörNordisk Film
KommunerBoden, Luleå

Lokalt team

Tom Granberg Filipp Video Assistant