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Fyra Veckor i Juni

Fyra Veckor i Juni
TitelFyra Veckor i Juni
Engelsk titelFour Weeks in June
Produktions år2004
RegissörHenry Meyer
ManusförfattareHenry Meyer
FotografHåkan Holmberg
ProducentPeter Kropenin

Kort synopsis

Troubled Sandra (Novotny) is given a rundown apartment in a house being renovated by Polish workers. Other tenant is elderly Lilly (Norby), who lives among a lot of old furniture. Lilly’s daughter, Rebecka (Jessica Zanden), tries to persuade her to move to an old folks’ home, but Lilly refuses.

After the old woman falls down in her apartment and is helped by Sandra, a friendship starts to develop between the two women, complicated by the long-hidden secret of Lilly’s past and Sandra’s relationship with one of the Poles, Marek (Garlicki).


Tuva Novotny, Ghita Nörby, Jessica Sandén, Lukasz Garlicki, Sissela Kyle, Lars Lindström, Lydia Flores Garcia…
ProduktionsbolagOmega Film
SamproducentLennart Dunér, Peter Possne, Per-Erik Svensson
SamproduktionsbolagSonet Film AB, Persson-Mothander Film AB, Filmpool Nord AB
DistributörSonet Film

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