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Her er Harold / Här är Harold

Her er Harold / Här är Harold
TitelHer er Harold / Här är Harold
Produktions år2013
RegissörGunnar Vikene
ManusförfattareGunnar Vikene
FotografSimon Pramsten
ProducentMaria Ekerhovd

Kort synopsis

Release date in Norway, 31 October 2014

Harold and his wife Marny have been running the furniture store in Åsane for 40 years, until now… IKEA has opened a new store. Bankruptcy is a fact and Marny, who has slowly succumbed to dementia, dies. In his frustration Harold makes a drastic decision: to travel to Älmhult and kidnap IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, the man Harold considers to be behind it all.


Bjørn Sundquist, Fanny Ketter, Björn Granath, Vidar Magnussen, Grethe Selius
ProduktionsbolagMer Film
SamproducentLizette Jonjic, Daniel Andersson, Per-Erik Svensson
SamproduktionsbolagMigma Film
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Filmfondet FUZZ

Advance allocations:
Norwegian Film Institute (NFI)
Swedish Film Institute (SFI)
DistributörSF Norge
KommunerHaparanda, Kalix, Luleå