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Engelsk titelAutumn Man
Produktions år2009
RegissörJonas Selberg Augustsén
ManusförfattareJonas Selberg Augustsén
FotografHarry Tuvanen
ProducentFreddy Olsson

Kort synopsis

Autumn, the season when nature prepares to be reborn by dying. In this time of the year we meet two young fellows. They are perhaps not the most popular characters in the small Tornedalen community since their method of subsistence is on the outskirts of morality.

Most of their endeavors seem to be jinxed as if a higher power is trying to say something about their life style.

Two men, two different reactions, either bracing oneself or letting the scents of autumn open one’s mind.


Anton Raukola, Adam Huuva, Lena Autio, Ros-mari Barmosse, Hempa Buska, Anna Goman, Aale Grekula, Jalle Lindblad, Oili Uusi Seppelä, Jessica Vänneheinänen
ProduktionsbolagBokomotiv Filmproduktion
SamproducentSirel Peensaar
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord, Sveriges Television AB
Advance allocations: Stiftelsen Svenska Filminstitutet (SFI)