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I Lodjurets Timma / I Lossens Time

I Lodjurets Timma / I Lossens Time
TitelI Lodjurets Timma / I Lossens Time
Engelsk titelThe Hour of the Lynx
Produktions år2012
RegissörSøren Kragh-Jacobsen
ManusförfattareJonas T Bengtsson, Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, Tobias Lindholm

Per-Olov Enquist (play)
FotografLasse Frank Johannessen
ProducentLars Bredo Rahbek

Kort synopsis

A young man has been locked up after killing an elderly couple. No one knows why, and he’s not talking. The researcher Lisbeth is responsible for an experiment where patients are given access to a pet. The boy gets a red cat. Everything is fine at first, but all of a sudden things get out of hand. The cat disappears, a patient is attacked and the boy attempts suicide. Lisbeth asks the priest Helen for help.


Søren Malling, Sofie Gråbøl, Signe Egholm Olsen, Börje Ahlstedt, Susan Olsen, Donald Höberg, Frederik Christian Johansen
ProduktionsbolagNimbus Film
LinjeproducentAnna Björk (Sweden), Kristina Kornum (Denmark)
SamproducentAnna Croneman, Per-Erik Svensson
SamproduktionsbolagBob Film Sweden, Filmpool Nord, Swedish Film Institute (SFI)
KommunerBoden, Älvsbyn

Lokalt team

Björn Carlsson El assistent
Lena Winther Kostymassistent