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Jag Saknar Dig

Jag Saknar Dig
TitelJag Saknar Dig
Engelsk titelI miss you
Produktions år2009
RegissörAnders Grönros
FotografRauno Ronkainen
ProducentMalte Forsell, Christer Nilsson

Kort synopsis

Tina and Cilla are 15 and live in Piteå in north Sweden. They are twin sisters and look identical, but are very much different as personalities. On their Mothers birthday, they hurry to catch the school-bus. Cilla is run over by a car and killed. Left behind is Tina, who now has to find her balance in life without her sister.

Based on the novel “Jag saknar dig, jag saknar dig” by Peter Pohl & Kinna Gieth


Erica and Hanna Midfjäll, Thomas Hanzon, Ludvig Nilsson, Birthe Wingren ....
ProduktionsbolagGarage Film
SamproducentOlle Lundqvist, Per-Erik Svensson, Claes Ohlsson
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord
DistributörSandrew Metronome Distribution

Lokalt team

Maria Fäldt Stillbildsfotograf
Tom Granberg Filipp Extras Assistant