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Engelsk titelThe Hunters
Produktions år1995
RegissörKjell Sundvall
ManusförfattareBjörn Carlström, Kjell Sundvall
FotografKjell Lagerroos
ProducentBjörn Carlström, Joakim Hansson
Kort synopsis

A Policeman from Stockholm comes up to northern Sweden, to join his brother, now when their parents are dead. While there he starts to work on a long-running case where deers have been poached and soon discovers that his brother is involved…

RollistaRolf Lassgård, Lennart Jähkel, Jarmo Mäkinen,Tomas Norström, Thomas Hedengran, Göran Forsmark, Rolf Degerlund, Editha Domingo, Helena Bergström ...
SamproducentGunnar Bergström
SamproduktionsbolagFilmTeknik, FilmhusAteljeerna, Spice, TV1000 AB, TV4 Sweden
DistributörSandrew, Sonet Film