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Engelsk titelThe Arctic Camels
Produktions år2019
RegissörKarl Emil Rikardsen
ManusförfattareKarl Emil Rikardsen
FotografViggo Knutsen
ProducentKnut Skoglund, Karl Emil Rikardsen

Kort synopsis

When Torarin and his sister Svalin want a horse for riding, their parents buy two Bactrian camels. The family soon discovers that camel training is not for amateurs. Therefore they take on an expedition to Mongolia, hoping to find a professional camel trainer who will accept an invitation to train their camels in the Arctic Norway. And deep into the Goby desert, they actually find a candidate. But they are not prepared for Mongolian training methods.


Torarin Sætereng, Svalin Sætereng, Oddveig Sætereng, Øystein Sætereng, Adyia Adyiatseren
ProduktionsbolagRelation04 Media AS
SamproducentAnna Björk, Maria Stevnbak Westergren
SamproduktionsbolagPomor Film, Giraff Film, Toolbox Film, Filmpool Nord AB