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Kiruna – Rymdvägen

Kiruna – Rymdvägen
TitelKiruna – Rymdvägen
Engelsk titelKiruna - Spaceroad
Produktions år2012
RegissörLiselotte Wajstedt
ProducentAnna G Magnusdottir

Kort synopsis

«My Kiruna will be demolished and crushed to the ground.» When I first heard that they were going to relocate my hometown, I got scared, I panicked. What would happen to my memories? What would remain from the past? This is a film about my childhood neighborhood and the city I recall. It explores the city’s construction around a big mine, as well as the city as monument over modern existence. The film also deals with reconciliation with one’s past, and the feeling of losing one’s security.

SamproducentSirel Peensaar
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord