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Stäng mobilmeny pil


Produktions år2013
RegissörMilad Alami
ManusförfattareChristian Gamst Miller-Harris
FotografAdam Wallensten
ProducentStinna Lemvigh Lassen

Kort synopsis

Simon lives with his mother in northern Sweden. She is a body builder and is training hard ahead of her next contest. Simon sacrifices everything to help her, but at the same time he realises that her body will not hold out much longer. Simon finds himself in an untenable position and has to make a very difficult decision. Leave his mother, even if he knows she can’t cope by herself, or give up his own dreams and stay.

SamproducentSirel Peensaar
SamproduktionsbolagGaragefilm International AB,
Filmpool Nord

Advance allocations:
Swedish Film Institute (SFI)