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Möbelhandlarens Dotter

Möbelhandlarens Dotter
TitelMöbelhandlarens Dotter
Produktions år2005
RegissörJohn O Olsson
ManusförfattareJohn O Olsson
FotografJohn O Olsson
ProducentJohn O Olsson

Kort synopsis

7 episodes x 58 minutes

Frank Tidman is a furniture salesman in northern Sweden as his district. He is divorced and has a sixteen old daughter, Sanna, which he will meet every other weekend. Before one of his business trips he has an impulse of telling her their family history. They need, as Frank puts it, talk to each other before it’s too late. It will be the beginning of a journey through the inland northern Sweden but also the prelude to a journey through time and space.


Jakob Eklund, Sofia Pekkari, Irina Björklund, Örjan Ramberg, Antti Reini, Rolf Lassgård
ProduktionsbolagGiraff Film AB
SamproducentDaniel Alfredson, Ingrid Bergman, Outi Rousu,
Per-Erik Svensson
SamproduktionsbolagSveriges Television (SVT), Film i Gävleborg, Film i Västerbotten, Film i Västernorrland, Filmpool Jämtland, Filmpool Nord, Finlands Svenska Television (FST), Periferia Productions, Pohjoinen elokuva- ja mediakeskus POEM, SVT Drama, Yleisradio (YLE)
DistributörSveriges Television (SVT)
KommunerBoden, Luleå, Piteå

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