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Så ock på Jorden

Så ock på Jorden
TitelSå ock på Jorden
Engelsk titelHeaven on Earth
Produktions år2014
RegissörKay Pollak
ManusförfattareKay Pollak and Carin Pollak
FotografHarald Paalgard
ProducentAnders Birkeland and Göran Lindström

Kort synopsis

Premiere in Sweden: 4th of September 2015

Life goes on for the people in the small village of northern Sweden after their choirmaster, world-renowned conductor Daniel Dareus death. What remains is his life’s love Lena, expecting their child. Lena really love catchy folk-rock and country, but under great doubt she thanks anyway yes to taking care of the music in the deserted church. It will trigger a chain of events that awaken people’s desire and longing. Her working methods is highly provocative to the establishment.


Frida Hallgren
Niklas Falk
Jakob Oftebro
Lennart Jähkel
André Sjöberg
Ylva Lööf
Maria Sid
Thomas Hanzon
Björn Granath
Björn Bengtsson
Eric Ericson
Astrid Froede Othelius
Mikael Rahm
Axelle Axell
Lasse Petterson
ProduktionsbolagGF Studios
LinjeproducentLotta Westberg
SamproducentExecutive Producers:
Jenny Stjernströmer Björk
Charlotta Denward
Lars Andreas Hellebust
Frederick Howard
Per-Erik Svensson
Olle Lundquist
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord

Advance allocations:
Swedish Film Institute (SFI)
DistributörSF Film
KommunerBoden, Gällivare, Kalix, Luleå, Piteå, Älvsbyn

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