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Sápmi från norr till söder

Sápmi från norr till söder
TitelSápmi från norr till söder
Produktions år2021
RegissörRonja Ström Olsson & Charlie Skogsberg
ProducentRonja Ström Olsson & Charlie Skogsberg

Kort synopsis

Sápmi reaches through several countries and covers a big part of Sweden. The documentary weaves two different portraits.

We meet Niklas in Kiruna and learn about Northern Sápmi, their culture and their language. Moving to the very south of Sápmi, we meet Marika in Storsätern. She tells us about her experiences of the South Sami language, the culture and traditions in her area. We look into the likeness and differences between the two languages and cultures. What divides and connects our two characters?


Marika Renhuvud Niklas Blind Caroline Blind Tuva-Li Blind Elton Blind
ProduktionsbolagKalix Folkhögskola
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord AB