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The Disapperance Of Finbar

The Disapperance Of Finbar
TitelThe Disapperance Of Finbar
Produktions år1995
RegissörSue Clayton
ManusförfattareDermot Bolger, Sue Clayton
Carl Lombard (novel)
FotografEduardo Serra
ProducentMartin Bruce-Clayton, Bertil Ohlsson

Kort synopsis

When a small Irish town’s local hero disappears one day, they become obsessed with trying to track down his whereabouts. Many years later, his best friend receives a phone call and travels to Sweden to reunite with him.


Luke Griffin, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Sean Lawlor, Chris Meehan, Toner Quinn, Phil Calley, Fran McPhail, Pete Cummins, Pat Henry, Gerard Cullen, Jake Williams, Robert Hickey ...
SamproducentDavid Collins, Jonathan Olsberg, Ole Søndberg, Søren Stærmose, Rod Stoneman

SamproduktionsbolagVictoria Film, Channel 4 Television Corporation, First City Features Ltd., Samson Films
DistributörBuena Vista Int