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Engelsk titelThe Tree Lover
Produktions år2008
RegissörJonas Selberg Augustsèn
FotografAndreas Norin, Harry Tuvane
ProducentFreddy Olsson

Kort synopsis

Strange things occur in the woods of northern Sweden. A film crew made up of three urbanised northerners return to the area where they grew up in order to build a recreational cabin high up in a pinetree. They slowly realise that many people share their love of trees and forests and that its roots go deeper into the soul of Swedish people than they first thought.


Jonas Selberg Augustsén, Göran Greider, Stefan Edman, Anja Hirdman, Owe Wikström, Anders Tyrland, Andreas Norin, Cay Bond, Martin Lönnebo, Owe Wikström, Gunvor Augustsén, Lisbeth Sehlberg Augustsén, Ingemar Sehlberg, Kerstin Sehlberg, Nils Göran Henriksson, Seved Lundström, Christofer Murray, Lars Ulvenstam
ProduktionsbolagBokomotiv Filmproduktion
SamproducentSirel Peensaar
SamproduktionsbolagFilmpool Nord, Sveriges Television (SVT Nord), stöd från Svenska Filminstitutet (SFI)
DistributörFolkets Bio AB