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Tryggare kan ingen vara

Tryggare kan ingen vara
TitelTryggare kan ingen vara
Engelsk titelWinter in Paradise
Produktions år1992
RegissörThomas Samuelsson
ManusförfattareThomas Samuelsson
FotografMats Olofsson
ProducentPeter Kropenin

Kort synopsis

In order to write in peace, Peter takes his beautiful wife and their newborn child to a segregated and isolated house in northern Sweden.
A man from Peter’s past shows up, a man who is prepared to resort to all means of dispensing, what he considers fair. Suddenly, the family is on the run.


Gösta Bredefeldt, Fredrik Dolk, Axel Düberg, Mats Huddén, Carina Jingroth, Johan Paulsen, Jacqueline Ramel, Thomas Roos, Robert Sjöblom, Else-Marie Sundin, Jonas Uddenmyr, Katarina Weidhagen van Hal
ProduktionsbolagOmega Film & Television
SamproduktionsbolagDouglas Film, Filmteknik, Tonservice Löthner & Löthner, Sandrew Film
DistributörSandrew Film