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Vi hade i alla fall tur med vädret

Vi hade i alla fall tur med vädret
TitelVi hade i alla fall tur med vädret
Produktions år1979
RegissörKjell Sundvall
ManusförfattareKjell-Åke Andersson, Börje Hansson, Kjell Sundvall
FotografKjell-Åke Andersson

Kort synopsis

The Backlund family is going on a caravaning holiday. According to the father Gösta it is the best way to see Sweden. The son Johan does not want to do anything but bathing and the daughter Lotta don’t even want to come along. You get to see the Backlunds in resturants, beaches and caravan sites. Gösta likes to rule his family but it does not go very well. Written by Fredrik Bjurenfors (ollesson)


Rolf Skoglund, Claire Wikholm, Gunnar "Knas" Lindqvist, Lotta Thomse, Johan Öhman ...
ProduktionsbolagSveriges Television (SVT) Luleå
DistributörEuropa Film, Independent Film
KommunerLuleå, Piteå, Älvsbyn