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Vid skogens rand

Vid skogens rand
TitelVid skogens rand
Engelsk titelBorderland
Produktions år2012
RegissörMikael Hellström
ManusförfattareMikael Hellström, Magnus Nordin
FotografJan Jonaeus
ProducentRenée Axö, Executive Producer Johan Mardell

Kort synopsis

Two brothers in their twenties are on the run following a dramatic robbery. On the snowy forest track, they run over an animal that comes out of nowhere in the dark. The elder brother is seriously injured. When the younger brother, Andreas, discovers the injured cat-like animal, he is forced to decide whether to kill it or save its life. His choice will be crucial as Andreas realises he’s walked into a trap.


Pär Andersson, Fabian Bernhardson, Sven Björklund, Pia Halvorsen, Stig Henrik HOff, Emelie Wallberg, Martin Wallström
ProduktionsbolagPampas Produktion AB
LinjeproducentCecilia Zollitsch, Margareta Feldt-Arehn
SamproducentAdvance allocations: Swedish Film Institute (SFI)

Lokalt team

Mattias Johansson Stillbildsfotograf